Jon Cryer is Losing It

We haven’t seen much of Jon Cryer since Two and a Half Men wrapped up in 2015, but now he is set to return to our screens again full-time in ABC comedy pilot “Losing It”. Created and written by DJ Nash (Growing up Fisher) and Kapital Entertainment, “Losing It” tells the story of three adult siblings and their parents, dealing with divorce, parenthood and early-onset demential, and conseqently losing it – as the title would suggest.

According to Deadline, Cryer will be a lead role, playing one of the adult siblings. Cryer’s character Andy is an actupuncturist who deals with his crazy family by turning to Eastern Philosophy. His complicated family life sees Andy in a troubled marriage, and unable to fix everything despite his control-freak nature.

Emmy award winning Cryer joins Natalie Morales in the cast, who will play one of the other siblings.

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