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Was Yoda just confirmed for The Last Jedi!?

Original “Star Wars” character rumoured for return

Rumours that the late Jedi master Yoda would be appearing in a future “Star Wars” film – despite his sad demise in 1983’s “Return of the Jedi” – have been lurking about the swamps of Dagobah since the thing spat out R2.

Now Frank Oz, the voice and original puppeteer behind the popular ‘Muppet’, has added fuel to the fire by refusing to answer Variety’s question regarding a possible Yoda appearance in this year’s “Star Wars : The Last Jedi”.

‘’I feel like I’m a prisoner at war here, and I can only give you my name, rank and serial number. To be true to the people who asked me, and they are kind of my family, I have to say I’ve been asked not to talk about it. I love Yoda. I would be happy to talk to you about it at the time they let me.’’

Hmmmmm. With rumours that the Rian Johnson directed film features quite a lot of flashback sequences – including some with Luke Skywalker and then-trainee Kylo Ren, and another with Harrison Ford’s Han Solo – it would make sense that a bit, from a long-time-ago, with Yoda featured. Guess we’ll find out come December when “The Last Jedi” releases!

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