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Sexual Chocolate! Murphy doing Coming to America sequel!?

Makes up for “Beverly Hills Cop 4” I guess!?

His royal penis needs another scrub.

No doubt sick of waiting around for the “Shrek” producers to call with word on when he can expect his next bag of loot, legendary funnyman Eddie Murphy is going on a hunt elsewhere for bullion.

The actor’s official Twitter site (manned by staffers, not Murphy, apparently) let slip this week that a sequel to 1988’s “Coming to America” could be in the works. TMZ looked into the post and confirmed that a follow-up to the John Landis directed comedy – which teamed Murphy with Arsenio Hall – is indeed in the ‘early’ stages of development. Murphy himself is apparently writing the project.

The original film, a box office success when it was released, told the story of an African prince named Akeem (Murphy), who resists overtures of an arranged marriage to seek love on his own – in America, of course (well, Harlem). Jon Amos, James Earl Jones, Eriq LaSalle, Samuel L.Jackson and a then-unknown Cuba Gooding Jr featured in the Paramount release.

Murphy’s been flirting with the idea of a fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” movie for several years, but it’s never got beyond the script stage, and though there’s talk of another “Shrek” that’s still a ways off too. A “Twins” sequel, which Murphy is said to be joining Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito in, also seems to have lost steam. Perfect time then for the comedy great to dust off one of his classics, right?!

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