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Damn Good Twin Peaks Pics Hit!

Previewing Entertainment Weekly’s new issue – on sale Friday

Cue up the jukebox, bake the cherry pie, pull back the (red) curtains and pour us some [damn] good coffee – Showtime’s revitalization of “Twin Peaks” is getting closer by the day. And just to remind us – not that we needed it – of it’s existence, and how exciting a thing it is, the network teamed with Entertainment Weekly to premiere some amazing behind-the-scenes stills, do some crazy cool covers with original cast members like ‘the hot one’, ‘the other hot one’, and ‘the hottest one’, and regroup them all for a retrospective video. The whole shebang can be found in EW, on stands Friday in the U.S, but those new images and some bits and pieces about this upcoming third season have been released on the outlet’s hangout online.

Of the new series, Showtime CEO David Nivens suggests that things will continue down the kooky path that those later season two episodes did.

“Twin Peaks is a cosmology. What I think is satisfying about the new version is that it’s a deeper exploration of that stuff. What is the Red Room? How does the Red Room work? Where is Agent Cooper? Can he make it back?”

Firstly, there’s three different covers for the issue. Which one will YOU grab?

Then there’s a bunch of stills from both the set and, I’m assuming, the episodes themselves.

There’s also a video, in which the cast [mainly] talk about the original series. Watch the whole thing here!

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