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CinemaCon : Star Wars : The Last Jedi footage shown!

‘Cliffhanger’ footage, apparently.

Those lucky enough to be at Disney’s CinemaCon panel today were treated to – well, “Pirates of the Caribbean 520” but also – new footage from the upcoming “Star Wars : The Force Awaken” sequel. Sounds like it was pretty nifty too… albeit short. report :

While the footage was super-short, Brandon noted that it showed Rey wielding a lightsaber. Given the description, it seems that the footage was taken from the sizzle reel shown to investors at its Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Plenty of press sites were able to listen into the footage, but a few sources were able to get an eye on the footage. The reel was said to feature Rey as she trained with Luke’s lightsaber.

The film, of which a trailer is tipped to premiere next month, picks up right where “The Force Awakens” left off.

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