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Trailer : War Machine

Brad Pitt plays a suave four-star U.S. General

A second trailer for the David Michod-directed Brad Pitt-starring Netflix movie “War Machine” has been released.

The “Allied” star plays a suave four-star U.S. General taking command of NATO forces in Afghanistan. So begins an ultra-confident march right into the dark heart of folly, and soon he’s taken down by both his own hubris and a no-holds-barred expose from a journalist.

Debuting May 26 on the streaming service, “War Machine” also features such names as Emory Cohen, RJ Cyler, Topher Grace, Anthony Michael Hall, Anthony Hayes, John Magaro, Scoot McNairy, Will Poulter, Alan Ruck, Lakeith Stanfield, Josh Stewart, Meg Tilly, Tilda Swinton and Sir Ben Kingsley.

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