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Schwarzenegger returning for Cameron Terminator reboot!?

”I’m looking forward to doing another Terminator movie, yes.”

While recent reports seemed to indicate that the recently announced “Terminator” reboot might go Schwarzenegger-less, Arnie himself have given us a bit of hope that he may indeed be back. Fandango has the exclusive, with the Terminator himself suggesting that another movie with the franchise’s most famous face might be on the cards.

I’m looking forward to doing another Terminator movie, yes. I don’t want to call it, like, fake news, like the president calls it, but I think people just write things — I have no idea why. Just because Paramount doesn’t want to pick up the Terminator franchise, you have 15 other studios willing to do it — that doesn’t mean the Terminator franchise is finished, right?

Schwarzenegger also noted that James Cameron would be back on board to produce, and a new director. Deadpool’s Tim Miller was recently announced as the helmer of the reboot.

Obviously no further details yet but it may not be “Hasta La Vista baby” after all.

Arnold Schwatzenegger sporting his natural hair color in “Terminator : Genisys”

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