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You’ll die before the Transformers film series does.

14 more films on the way!??

In news that’s sure to spur rope sales, Paramount are said to be eyeing as many as 14 more “Transformers” movies. The revelation was made in hell tonight, as Satan, announced the apocalypse by franchise helmer Michael Bay, who said outlines for over two dozen more movies in the series have been written. Bay was in London when he revealed the exciting news that the used car salesman from the first film, the oil drip from Bumblebee, and Megan Fox’s shorts would be getting their own movie in a couple of years.

Bay won’t be around to witness the films – which include a “Bumblebee” spin-off, and an animated film based on Cybertron, among others – he’s departing the series after this next instalment, “Transformers : The Last Knight”.

Let’s admit it folks, the “Transformers” movie series is a bit like sex with the dream girl – first time was grand, but the rest of the times you wondered why you decide to flog the crazy, pretty thing.

And you think your relationship is strained now, buddy, just wait till you’ve made her sit through her 26th “Transformers” movie. There’s no choc top that tasty!

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