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The winner of the Jungle Cruise is… this guy!

Good things happen to good people.

No more running into the unemployment office to cash those cheques every Friday DJ.

Local Californian lad Dwayne Johnson has closed his deal to star in Disney’s “Jungle Cruise”, a major studio tentpole based on the rather, er, unique story of… well, it’s based on a prehistoric, and eternally-busy ride at Disneyland.

The ride, which sees riders trek through Africa’s Nile and Congo rivers, while on a boat floating down the Amazon has been responsible for many-a-good-time. Johnson will now help transport that feeling to moviegoers.

No director is onboard yet.

In all seriousness, Johnson’s super, super busy – he has “Rampage” and “Skyscraper” coming up, and he still has “Jumanji” to do a promo tour for – so this won’t be shooting until Spring 2018. Back off Tim Allen.

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