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Josh Brolin on board to play Cable guy

Brolin will appear alongside Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool 2”

”Deadpool 2” casting has made more headway, with Josh Brolin announced to play Cable in the upcoming 2018 sequel to 2016’s rom-com ”Deadpool”.

Brolin will appear alongside Ryan Reynolds in the flick, as Nathan Summers (Cable), who is the son of X-Men’s Cyclops (Scott Summers). In the comics, Cable works alongside Domino (cast as Zazie Beets) to reorganise the New Mutants into X-Force. The X-Force series also delves into Cable’s history, revealing he was from the future and travelled to the past in order to prevent Apocalypse’s rise to power, among many other comic-book-type adventures.

Cable also had his own series in the 90s, in which his family history is touched upon, and furthermore in the 1994 miniseries “The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix”. His story intertwined with Deadpool’s in the ongoing series “Cable and Deadpool”, which began in 2004. In this series, Cable, as a time traveller, sees what the future could be and attempts to bring about a better world. Deadpool helps to further these plans.

This isn’t the first time Brolin has entered the world of Marvel, having played villain Thanos in previous and upcoming Marvel Studios ”Avengers” movies. Which of course has resulted in Reynolds having a cheeky dig at him on Twitter:

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