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Dolph Lundgren swims into Aquaman

The “Masters of the Universe” and “Punisher” star back in comic book territory

More casting news hot off the press, Dolph Lundgren is re-joining the comic book world, being cast alongside Jason Moama’s “Aquaman” (thanks THR). The James Wan directed movie is set to begin production in Australia very shortly, and has also cast Amber Heard as Aquaman’s mrs Mera, Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s old lady and Patrick Wilson as Aquaman’s half-bro. Also cast are Willam Dafoe as Aquaman’s bitch, and Temuera Morrison as Aquaman’s old man.

Lundgren has been signed on as King Nereus, who rules the underwater kingdom Xebel. Basically, he wants to steal Aquaman’s mrs so decides to off Aquaman to take her as his own.

Lundgren’s is no stranger to the comic book world, having played He-Man in the 80’s film “Masters of the Universe” and a recurring role as villain Konstantin Kovar in TV’s “Arrow”. His other credits include – comic book vigilante- Frank Castle in “The Punisher”, the ”Expendables” series, ”Rocky IV”, and the notable biffo classic “Universal Solder” (1992).

The film will swim into a cinema near you in December 2018.

Side note, Jason Moama was recently spotted by the Queensland Police on the Gold Coast, suggesting that filming has begun/is about to begin.

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