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Mulder & Scully, Kong & Monkey all returning to TV!

Trust no one… that says they’re all for original ideas.

Following the success of the recent revival, “The X-Files” is set to return for season 11 with a further 10 episodes. According to Fox, the production will begin in a few months and air later this year or in early 2018. The 2016 revival ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, so it’s good to know that we will get answers of the fate of Mulder and Scully. Stay tuned for a spin off, “The Ex-Files”, where I’ll throw shade on some men from my past.

Remember that weird show where sideburns were king and the hero was born out of an egg on a mountain? Well, it’s back. “Monkey Magic”, the only show that gave kids an idea of what being stoned might be like, is back for a 10 episode stint in “The Legend of Monkey”. The series has begun filming in New Zealand, and the cast includes Chai Hansen as Monkey, Luciane Buchanan as Tripitaka, Josh Thomsen as our favourite pig-monster Pigsy, and Emilie Cocquerel as Sandy. The reboot follows the four protagonists on a dangerous journey to fight a demonic reign of chaos and terror in an effort to bring balance back to the world. As long as the sideburns are still considered relevant in the monkey universe, I’m satisfied.

In other monkey news, our favourite oversized ape is set for the small screen, with a “King Kong” television series in the works. The series will be unrelated to the recent “Kong: Skull Island” feature film, but will revolve around the mysterious Skull Island and the wonders and horrors that lie within. Further, the ensemble will be female-led, and is said to be multi-cultural. Johnathon Penner and Stacy Title are attached to the production as writers and executive producers.

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