Next X-Men goes Rogue

Character previously played by Anna Paquin makes a return.

In ‘how’s that for a kick-in-the-gutt?’ news, Anna Paquin’s seemingly been ditched from the “X-Men” franchise in favour of a younger, more bankable non-Stephen Manley shagging replacement.

The upcoming “X-Men : Dark Phoenix”, which sees Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey transforming into her comic book alter-ego, is reportedly putting actors on tape testing for a couple of the supporting roles. It’s Alexa Swinton’s audition tape that suggests Rogue is in the film, with her character named ‘Marie’.

Paquin played the role in the original “X-Men” and the majority of the sequels.

Others who have tested for roles in the film, shooting in Montreal in just over a month, include Rarmian Newtown (“Dance Academy”) for both Colin and Shane and and newcomer Paul Mescal for Sam.

Like ‘Marie’, those other character names are likely covers for known X-Men characters.

Via ‘Omega Underground

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