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Actual words are spoken in new Twin Peaks promo

Showtime’s Damn Good Marketing for the “Twin Peaks” revival continues.

We’ve less than three weeks to go until the premiere of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s all-star wacko reunion and we still know very little about the plot, the characters (besides the ones that the original cast are playing – of course!) and even the tone – in that will it encompass the lighter tone of the series or will it feature the darker beats of “Fire Walk With Me”? Seeing that there’s a couple of “Fire Walk With Me” folks in the movie, predominantly Harry Dean Stanton’s Carl Rodd, there’s a good chance we will get be getting a slightly more skewed tone than the original series. But, of course, that’s just guessing.. because we know jack all.

Behold the new promo – which features an actual word spoken (You “Peaks” fans will know what I’m on about there).

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