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Hellboy rebooted. Why so red?

Nobody outside of Internet fan-circles cares about Hellboy.

Nobody outside of Internet fan-circles cares about Hellboy.

Don’t take that as a put down on the comics, films, or its director Guillermo del Toro and star Ron Pearlman. Though I continue to be miffed at how he continuously wastes his talent and time, trying to stir up fans into supporting another ”Hellboy” instead of going back to say, the Spanish-language films that got him here in the first place and are honest-to-God works of art.

”Hellboy” is just one of those properties that fan forums and Social Media talk up like crazy… and the rest of the world (the general public) shrugs its shoulders at, every time out. The fact is neither film did that well box-office wise, and that there was even a sequel to the 2004 original is a miracle, let alone, that a studio now is willing to fork over money for a reboot.

David Harbour of ”Stranger Things” will don the sawed-down horns and red makeup under the direction of Neil Marshall (”The Descent”) for Millennium Films. And that’s fine. Accept it and move on fans.

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