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Liam Neeson seeks Spanish Retribution

No more soup kitchen for Hollywood hobo Liam Neeson, who has scared himself up some much needed work.

The star of the seemingly-never ending “Taken” series has captured himself a role in “Retribution”, a remake of the Spanish thriller El Desconocido.

The movie reunites Neeson with Jaume Collet-Serra, who he has worked with on several films now – including the preposterous but fun “Non-Stop”.

Studiocanal is backing the film, which follows “a successful Wall Street executive who discovers on his way to work that a bomb has been planted in his car by an unknown assailant. He is forced to follow a series of orders throughout the day or else the bomb will be detonated. The situation is more dire because the man’s family is in the car with him.”, says Deadline, who has the break.

The original film – which came out in 2015 – was compared to “Speed” so it was a given Neeson would be given first shot at the US version.

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