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The Hellboy reboot you hate starts filming soon

The recently announced, and already controversial “Hellboy” reboot (but Jamie is correct, not only did those original movies not make enough dough to warrant further sequels but nobody much, outside of the fanbase, much cares that they’re being redone), will film sooner rather than later.
According to THR’s Borys Kit, over on Twitter, the new film adaptation of the cult comic series looks to shoot in September.

Considering the start date, the film must be further along than most assumed it would be – having just been announced.

“Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen” will star David Harbour (“Stranger Things”) as the “horny” lead character, with “The Descent” director Neil Marshall directing.

Insiders say the script for the reboot is darker than the original two movies Guillermo Del Toro did, and will likely end up getting an R rating.

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