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J-Law terrifies households on Mother’s Day with the poster for Mother!

I didn’t realise Halloween had come early this year! Feast your eyes on the poster for upcoming Darren Arofonsky flick “Mother!”. To be honest, at first glance I didn’t even notice that Jennifer Lawrence was holding her heart in her hands, freshly torn out of her chest, because quite frankly, her face just creeps me out.

So the film is in fact a psychological thriller, but this terror isn’t within my psyche. This is staring me right in the face. It’s worse than the cabinet full of porcelain sullen-faced dolls that were on display at my grandma’s house. Her skin is just too shiny. The eyes are staring directly into my soul in the worst possible way.

Of course it’s not a photo, it’s a work of art by award-winning artist James Jean. To me it looks like a Madam Tussad’s wax figure gone horribly wrong. And it will be the source of my nightmares for quite some time.

The film hits cinemas this October as also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris, and Kristen Wiig.

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