Katie’s Corner : bad dates and poor legal advice

Welcome to the first edition of “Katie’s Corner”, in which I make commentary on the week’s top stories, and offer my opinion – whether it’s wanted or not.

Today’s article surrounds the legal system, and first dates. Question, do Americans sue everyone for anything? Someone gave you the crook eye on the train, so you sue? Tripped up on the sidewalk over your own shoe, but it was near someone’s house…sued. And the latest story to come out of the crazy pile is that a man is suing his first date because she texted throughout “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. Granted he only wants the ticket price back, a grand total of $17.31, but honestly dude. I’ve been on worst first dates than this. The one where a guy wouldn’t even buy me a beer, and chose orange juice for himself declaring he “only drinks on special occasions” doesn’t even crack my top 10 in bad dates.

Not to mention that Guardians is worth the price of 2 admission tickets. I took my boyfriend to a Gold Class session and paid an exorbitant amount of money for a chair with slightly more squishiness and it was still worth it price. But that wasn’t enough for this guy, who got the shits that his date pulled out her phone a few times to text, so he kicked her out of the cinema and she fled, leaving him without a ride home. Of course texting during a film, not to mention a first date, is the height of rudeness, but does it really warrant a day in court? Old mate should just write this off as a learning experience, and really there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from this one: firstly, movies on a first date are a big NO. That’s no way to get to know your romantic interest. Secondly, split the bill if you’re that stingy that you’ll literally sue for the price of the bad date, you shouldn’t be playing gentleman and offering to pay. And thirdly, a good movie is worth the price of two seats – just put your feet up and enjoy. Or else, popcorn chair. Need I say more.

So it’s safe to say, this guy won’t be getting many more dates once he becomes infamous for suing his bad dates, so the price of a second ticket won’t be a problem too much longer. Question is, what happens when he takes a lady out for dinner and she orders a $40 steak, but then doesn’t put out at the end of the date? I am already harbouring nerves for that poor woman. If all my previous bad dates want to send me a tab for expenses incurred, feel free to – it could be good material for my column.

In the meantime, if you’d like to take a date to see John Wick: Chapter 2, but you feel that a potentially bad time could make you regret the ticket price, how about you enter our competition for double passes here.
Until next time, MH friends.

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