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Trailer : The Young Sheldon

Big Bang Theory spinoff “The Young Sheldon” is nearing closer, with CBS releasing the first trailer for the show.

The trailer, narrated by Jim Parsons as older Sheldon, gives an insight into the overall tone of the show, and the origins of Sheldon Cooper way back in Texas in the 80s. Young Sheldon is played by newcomer Iain Armitage and he stars alongside

The show focuses on Sheldon Cooper, physicist in “The Big Bang Theory”, at age 9. He’s essentially a big fish in a little pond, a smart kid surrounded by a frustratingly normal family. He is bumped up to high school and struggles with fitting in as well as dealing with his social awkwardness that is still a key theme in The Big Bang Theory.

“Young Sheldon” is a risky concept, as spinoffs don’t always have great success, but the trailer looks like it’s pretty decent. It will be interesting to see how the character of Sheldon as well as his family evolve throughout the series.

The show will be seen on US TV screens in September.

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