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Ice Cube confirms Friday 4 is coming!

The popular film franchise will be back for a fourth installment.

The rumours have been circulating for years, and Mr Cube himself have finally confirmed that there will be a fourth “Friday” movie. The original flick came out in 1995, followed by “Next Friday” in 2000 and “Friday After Next” in 2002. On The Late, Late Show with James Cordon, Cube confirmed that they are working on the 4th film in the franchise and it is called “Last Friday”.

That’s the only detail we’ve got though, so timelines, story, characters etc…we’ll just have to keep waiting. But for fans of the movies, this is good news as we’re one step closer to seeing another one.

Someone who is a fan is Jason Derulo, who was also a guest on James Cordon’s show with Cube, saying that “Friday was one of my favorite movies of all time. Literally, I would watch it every single Friday. It was that serious.”

Fingers crossed for more deets on the sequel soon.

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