Bubbles to become a TV star

Chimptastic news

Netflix is going to do us all a big favour and bring Michael Jackson’s chimp Bubbles to our screens. If they can close this deal, with no monkey business, then they will acquire a screenplay that tells the story of MJ from the perspective from the chimp.

I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a mix of so many emotions right now. Chimps, apes, monkeys – all belong on TV and movie screens. That’s a given. So I’m excited. I’m also a bit confused, as to how much insight to Jackson’s life will a chimp bring? Like, is it literally going to be 2 hours of Bubbles hanging around wondering when MJ is gonna cough up and give him a banana? Will Bubbles even understand English, or will it be voices that sound like muffled trumpets? I’m also feeling impressed, that writer of the screenplay Isaac Adamson even came up with this crazy idea, and managed to get a $20million interest in it. He must have been on a bad trip when he thought a monkey-told story would work.

So many questions. I was going to ask if Bubbles is, at 34, too old to play himself, but my question was answered after I read it will be a stop motion animation film. So mystery solved, thank YOU inner Nancy Drew. Anyway, will we get a monkey monologue?? Did I mention how excited I am?!

Please for the love of God, Netflix, close this deal. Thanks to Deadline for the news.

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