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Watch official music video for Twin Peaks tune ‘Shadow’

We’ll leave you fans to discuss the inner themes and great mysteries at the heart of the episodes (episodes which critics reportedly agree are significantly darker than anything we saw in Lynch & Frost’s original run), but the rest of us, and the owls amongst us, will stick to digging the music within it. Much like the music from the original, the third season of “Twin Peaks” is bringing the beat back in great style – not Julee Cruise-style (yet) but still, silky slick beats. Heard during episode two of the Showtime reboot was a terrific new tune from the Chromatics called “Shadow”.

Following the broadcast of the episode, Johnny Jewel’s band released the music video for the film – which they described as a homage to David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” and, of course, Julee Cruise.
In addition to providing the song, the band also contributed to the show’s score.

“Twin Peaks” returned this week, after 25 years, to rave reviews, heated discussions, confused brains and a fanbase clearly excited for what lies ahead.

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