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Schwarzenegger, Atkinson resurrect iconic roles

Two big screen heroes are inked for reprisals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, though pushing his twilight years, is reportedly involved in the upcoming “Terminator” reboot. No surprise, really, because James Cameron, who made fantastic use of the Austrian actor in his first “Terminator” movies, is producing the new film. Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) is directing the new movie. “He has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise”, Schwarzenegger said of Cameron. “I will be in the movie”.

Meantime, bumbling spy Johnny English is set to return with star Rowan Atkinson reportedly already in pre-production on a third film in the comedy series. The film, whose director has yet to be announced, is reportedly due in theaters October 2018.

Via ‘Screen Daily‘, ‘Slash Film

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