5 movies you should’ve watched before the new Twin Peaks

If there’s one reason a few unversed are complaining about the “Twin Peaks” revival it’s that it’s – well, nuttier than a squirrel’s abdominal unit- not the “Twin Peaks” they remember. In other words, they expected, wanted and would only dig it if it was the Mary-Kate to the Ashley of the original. Think of that crowd as our modern-day Lucy Brennan, with her newfound fear of cellular phones, she’s stuck in the nineties, poor lass, and can’t seem to swallow progress or changes as much as others have. Yep, that’s you. At the back.

While this third season might mark David Lynch (and Mark Frost’s) return to “Twin Peaks”, it also serves as a love letter to the back catalogue of the newly crowned king of Cannes. While there’s understandably quite a lot of throwbacks and references to the original “Twin Peaks” – and the spin-off film – there’s an equal amount of nods to some of Lynch’s past work.
Having now viewed four (another week before episode five airs! A whole week!!) of the eighteen episodes, here’s five movies I suggest any newbies to the world of “Twin Peaks” check out before settling in for the Showtime series. I also suggest eating your Cherry Pie before watching, not during.

Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me

Makes sense, sure, but more than you know. Lynch has mentioned numerous times that this new series has a lot in common with the 1992 film – and he’s referring both to the storyline, it’s subplots, characters that appear only in the film and the new season, and the darker, more complex theme at its core. If you’re stuck trying to figure out some of the tricky mysteries at the center of those first four episodes of season three, revisit – or watch, for the first time – “Fire Walk With Me”. Take note of the Phillip Jeffries story, Cooper’s foreboding dream and fascination with cameras, the whole ‘Blue Rose’ thing, and Heather Graham’s cameo as Annie. If you’re an unemployed westie who lives with their momma and has way too much time on their hands, take your hand off of it for a few minutes and go through the entire, super-lengthy ‘missing pieces’ again – and take notes. Lots in there that could help Sherlock some of the mysteries, too.


From the get-go, the reboot was quick to toss love juice in the direction of Lynch’s earliest hour of oddity. In fact, they both even share the same zig-zagged floor. But more than that, there’s quite a few choice moments in this – some of the more out-there moments – that closely resemble moments from the classic Jack Nance-starrer. Man, I miss Jack…

Lost Highway
Like “Eraserhead”, there doesn’t seem to be any direct links to “Lost Highway” in the new “Twin Peaks” but there’s a few themes – heck, the ‘video’ element for one – from Lynch’s ‘90s gem that seem to have been ported over to Showtime’s revival. You’ll also notice a couple of castmembers from the film have been recycled here, like Balthazar Getty – whose “Peaks” character we don’t know a lot about yet.

Mulholland Drive
If one had to guess which two Lynch projects share the same universe, there’s a good chance we’d say “Mulholland Drive” and “Twin Peaks”. Not only did Laura and Ronette seemingly appear in the award-winning film (and let’s not get started on those cherry curtains that share the screen with them in that scene), most of the cast of the film are also in “Twin Peaks” – specifically, Naomi Watts, who made her debut in last week’s episode of the show. Considering “Mulholland Drive” originally started as a spin-off of ABC’s “Twin Peaks” (it was originally going to fix on Audrey Horne going to Hollywood), it’ll be no surprise to discover, as these episodes go on, that the two are related stories.

Weekend at Bernies II
Likely one of Bad Coop’s favourites (and nightmare fuel for Dougie Jones), director Robert Klane’s zany masterpiece fixes on a guy who is brought back to life, albeit in zombie form, so he can lead some unscrupulous types to a wet lodge of jewels and help clear the names of innocents. Features such classic lines as “Oh, I lost the chicken” and “No, no, no, my brotha. He is NOT in the Jeep! Where is he?”. Lynch isn’t on record anywhere saying he watched the film for inspiration, but it’s possible.

I joke…

that’s a joke.

Tell your momma to stop helping your draft a fiery email.

I said sorry..

In all seriousness, do yourself a favour and check out those first four – it also wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with some of Lynch’s shorts, as well as “Inland Empire” and “Blue Velvet”, which also share themes (and actors) and moments with the show. And in case you’re wondering why Michael Cera wasn’t speaking in his usual drawl in his “Twin Peaks” episode, best rent yourself a copy of Marlon Brando classic “The Wild One”.

Final Thoughts

Ain’t this the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen..

Same thing happened to Andrew McCarthy when he hopped to the Croissant for “Bernies II”. Or so the legend says.

As I posted socially – as opposed to anti-socially where I simply write my feelings on my forehead and show it to a bowl of soup- I’m loving the new “Twin Peaks” and don’t quite understand why more than a few don’t seem to be. Thanks to Lynch, we’re now getting the third chapter of a story we thought we’d never hear! It’s a remarkable thing! “Oh but look at what he’s done here.. there.. what has he done to our Twin Peaks!?” they cry.

For a start, it’s not OUR “Twin Peaks”,it’s Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”. Always was. The people within it, the themes within it, the storylines within it.. they’re his. Not ours. We’re passengers on HIS journey.
This season is as it should be – because that’s what Lynch has and always intended for it and us (FYI this storyline, with the doppelgangers, was the original storyline for season 3 way back when. So he hasn’t just done a shifty for the sake of Cable. This was the plan for ABC, too). This is the only version of season three there is.

Wackiness, low/grade experiment effects, head-scratching plot lines.. look deep and you’ll realize they’re some of the most distinctive markings of the portrait. Traditional strokes? No thanks.
Want to be spoonfed a traditional three-arc series, complete with a typical soundtrack and a prime stripper’s undies worth of hefty effects, that one can easily watch while sexting the Maccas chick? I’ll fed-ex you “Pretty Little Liars”.

For many, many years we could only have dreamed of returning to #TwinPeaks. Now we’re back. Be thankful. And know that comfort meal of a hot cup of Joe and a slice of cherry pie IS coming.. you just gotta work for it.

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