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Stan Lee on cameos and his desire to be a co-star

If you’re into Marvel, comics in general or “The Big Bang Theory”, you’ll have heard of Stan Lee. One of the joys of watching a Marvel film is spotting Lee when he pops up in a cameo somewhere, and he’s appeared in nearly every Marvel film since “X-Men” in 2000.

But could there be the potential for more screen time for the legend? Stan Lee certainly hopes so. Speaking to CinemaBlend, Lee spoke of his desire to working his way up to co-star in a movie, as well as his cameo in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, which he notes as his favourite cameo out of his 28 appearances in Marvel live-action films:

“The thing I loved about that cameo is, if you think about it, that is the only cameo I’ve done that had two scenes. It was more than a cameo. It was almost like a role in the movie! So now I’m shooting for cameos that have three scenes, four scenes. Eventually I hope to be the co-star.”

Of course without hearing his tone, it can’t be confirmed if he said this tongue-in-cheek or not, but would be pretty cool to see Lee in a more prominent role within the Marvel universe. Clearly he enjoys more screen time, and he was also given extra screen time in the latest Guardians movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. As this one is still in cinemas, I won’t spoil it, but check out Lee’s “Avengers” cameo below for a refresher.

Further, Lee’s appearance in “Doctor Strange” saw him reading “Doors of Perception” and having a giggle to himself, however James Gunn has revealed that there were 3 alternative takes that were shot, but remain unused. The alternate takes:

1. Stan reading a book and leaning into the guy next to him, saying, “Do you know what excelsior means?”
2. Stan throwing his head back and laughing as hard as he can, yelling, “I’m laughing for no reason! I’m totally crazy!”
3. And, my favorite, Stan laughing hysterically at a Garfield book, hooting, “He HATES Mondays but he LOVES lasagna!” Supposedly that one was in the film for a while, but it ended up being too long for the scene.

The next Marvel flick to hit big screens is “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, so keep your eyes out for a sneaky Lee spotting.

Thanks to CinemaBlend for this news.

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