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Casting updates: Helen Hunt, Nic Cage, Jennifer Connelly, Tiffani Theissen

Helen Hunt is set to reenter the realm of horror, being cast in “I See You”, directed by Adam Randall. Hunt will be playing the wife of a lead investigator in a child abduction case.

With a plot revolving around infidelity, guilt and an ominous presence, it certainly sounds like an interesting movie. Matt Waldeck of Zodiac Features is on board to produce, alongside executive producers Ben Hecht, Hilary Davis, Stephen Kelliher and Patrick Howson for Bankside Films, and Phil Hunt and Compton Ross for Head Gear Films. Thanks to Variety.

Everyone’s favourite… meme?… Nicolas Cage has been cast in action-thriller “Mandy”, which is unfortunately not based on the Barry Manilow song. The flick is to be directed by Panos Cosmatos, and produced by Danial Noah, Josh C. Waller and Elijah Wood from SpectreVision.

“Mandy” is currently in pre-production and is set to begin filming in the summer in Belgium. It’s set in 1983 in the wilderness, where lead character Red Miller (Cage) hunts an unhinged religious sect who slaughtered the love of his life (via Deadline).

In TV news, Jennifer Connelly is set to star alongside Daveed Diggs in TNT’s futuristic thriller-drama pilot “Snowpiercer”, based on the 2013 feature by Bong Joon-Ho. The pilot is directed by Scott Derrickson (“Doctor Strange”) and is set 7 years after the world has become a frozen wasteland and the remnants of humanity travel the globe on a perpetually moving train (thanks Deadline).

Connelly has been cast as Melanie Cavill, a first class passenger who is responsible for the PA announcements on the train.

More on TV, with Tiffani Theisson onboard to co-star in “Alexa & Katie”, a Netflix 13 episode straight-to-series production. She’s starring alongside Paris Berelc and Isabel May.

The show, created by Heather Wordham and Matthew Carlson, is about two best friends who are about to start their freshman year of high school. As with most teenage girls, they confront a crisis and feel like outsiders. The “Saved by the Bell” star will play Lori, the mother of Alexa (Berelc).

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