Fox’s 24: Legacy falls into a heap

It was short lived, but the legacy only lasted 24 hours. “24: Legacy” has been canned by Fox after the first season, following a previous run of 8 seasons that ended in 2010.

“24” has been brought back to life more times than a character on Bold and the Beautiful, with “24: Live Another Day” screening in 2014, and a bunch of awkward attempts to make a movie and/or other various formats. “24: Legacy” screened without its legend Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland), a counter-terrorism agent in the action-adventure series, which first began back in 2001.

Much like other franchises and spinoffs, the sequels are never quite as good as the original, and it was the original “24” series that truly hooked viewers in an original and significant premise, especially around the time when terrorism really started to seep back in to real-life debate and replaced the water-cooler gossip sesh.

Though Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard) could save Bauer over and over again 15 years ago, he couldn’t save “24: Legacy”, which had a serious lack of Bauer. Consequently, the ratings suffered and “Legacy” never really took its stride.

Fox hasn’t ruled out the potential for more “24”, so the defibrillator can be kept on hand because it may not be the last of the franchise that we will see.  The network seem to have a penchant for reviving dead TV shows, with “The X Files” and “Prison Break” recently being given another shot. Unfortunately those gambles (or lack of other ideas, shall I say?!) don’t always pay off.

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