Besides Batman : 5 roles Adam West should also be remembered for

We lost a good one on the weekend, the inimitable, original Batman Adam West.

And while Bat-fans everywhere are rightly saluting the first live-action caped crusader, and outlets near and far are running ‘best West Batman moments’, the man definitely deserves praise for some of the non-superhero roles he took on over the years. Sure, Adam West was best-known for Batman/Bruce Wayne, and he didn’t mind that one bit (heck, the role set him up for life-so why would he?), but he was capable of doing much, much more – as these 5 past roles reiterate.

Mayor West in “Family Guy”

That voice. That attitude. That gut-busting dialogue. Seth MacFarlane gave Adam West the second best role of his career!

Captain Rick Wright in “The Last Precinct”

While it didn’t come close to matching the heights “Batman” did, this hour-long sitcom (reminiscent of “Police Squad”) of the late ’80s got West back on the box where he belonged.

Lionel Lamley in “The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood”

If only to shake things up, West took part in this crazy 1980’s sex comedy – and proved a real knack for comedy!

Doctor Dave in “Hell Riders”

In the ’70s and early ’80s, West popped up in more than a few studio films, most notably Burt Reynolds starrer “Hooper” and this one, trashy 1984 film “Hell Riders” – playing one of the locals.

Det Sgt. Steve Nelson in “The Detectives”

Before he nabbed the role of Batman on the TV hit of the same name, West appeared in many, many TV shows including “Maverick”, “The Real McCoys”, “Bonanza”, “Perry Mason” and “77 Sunset Strip” but his big break came when he nabbed a regular stint on ’60s series “The Detectives”.

Whether you know Adam West best as Batman, or maybe you’re a younger viewer familiar with his work on “Family Guy”, there’s no denying he’s going to leave a heartbreaking big gap in our lives.

Rest in peace, old chum.

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