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Trailer : Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

The sequel to “Frozen” is still a while off, so if you’re suffering ‘Let it Go’ withdrawals then here’s some good news for you – your favourite snowman Olaf is getting his own featurette, which is to screen ahead of the Disney/Pixar film “Coco” beginning November 22.

The 21-minute story will get you into the festive spirit, as Olaf heads off on an adventure to discover each family’s Christmas traditions to bring back to Elsa and Anna. There will be 4 new original songs to get stuck in your head, with the original cast and characters back to amuse you – including Josh Gad as Olaf, Kristen Bell voicing Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa and Johnathon Landing as Kristoff, the reindeer.

Check out the cute trailer above, and be sure to check out “Coco” in cinemas to get a look at the short film, just in time for Christmas.

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