Martin Freeman to produce Paradise Lost

Martin Freeman is nothing but a flexible actor, seen on camera as a Hobbit in the Peter Jackson film trilogy, a bumbling porn star in “Love Actually”, Dr. Watson in “Sherlock”, and a guy that gets caught up in crime on “Fargo”, not to forget his upcoming part in the highly anticipated “Black Panther”. He’s now stepping behind the camera to produce a TV adaptation of “Paradise Lost”, based on the 17th-century poem by John Milton.

According to Variety, he has committed to be an executive producer on the film, but there’s still a chance we see his pretty face on screen too.

If you’re wondering how it’s possible to turn a poem into a TV show, “Paradise Lost” has been called an “epic poem”, which in layman’s terms means f*ckng long. They usually address a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events that are considered significant to a culture or nation. The first edition of “Paradise Lost” consisted of 10 books and over 10,000 lines of verse (that’s not words…that’s LINES). It pretty much solidified Milton as one of the great English poets. The subject matter of the poem looks at the biblical story of the Fall of Man, the temptation of Adam and Eve, and their subsequent expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

Turn this into a modern day TV series, and you’ve got a Game of Thrones-esque story, in another world with violence and political intrigue- according to Laurence Bowen, the CEO of producing company Dancing Ledge. Freeman added to this by stating “’Paradise Lost’ is epic, exciting, and surprisingly modern. And maybe the first time the devil gets all the best tunes!”

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