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Sharknado continues to ruin lives with a teaser trailer

OK, so it’s no secret how I feel about “Sharknado”. The hate runs deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. I love sharks, I think they’re a fascinating and awesome fish, and I can’t wait for Shark Week (keep an eye out for my definitive guide to the good and the bad of Shark movies in lieu of which, also).

But can “Sharknado” just go away already? I’d prefer to watch a documentary on the common garden snail.

The movie has just released a “teaser” to the upcoming movie, “Sharknado 5 Global Swarming”, due out August 6th.

The graphics are so bad, I don’t know whether I’m being punk’d or not. Is it actually a computer game? Someone give me answers.

The only reason I want to see a full trailer for this is to see Fabio as the Pope.

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