Watch : Nine Inch Nails on Twin Peaks

It’s no secret we’re fans of “Twin Peaks” here at Moviehole, with some of us literally waiting 25 years for its return to TV screens. You’ll also notice that we’ve kept mum when it comes to recaps, commentary and theories surrounding season 3. There are a number of reasons for this, not least that it’s such an intriguing and, dare I say, weird show, that there’s almost infinite theories surrounding David Lynch’s masterpiece. So we really think it’s a personal journey – by all means research online, see what others have to say (the Twin Peaks Reddit page is a good place to start), but you won’t be reading any recaps here.

Plus, how in the world do you describe a bunch of homeless coal-miners savagely ripping apart a body and dancing around a convenience store, without sounding like you’re on a bad trip?

What I will comment on, is the awesome music that Lynch has put into the show. Every week we get a taste at a new music act, or song, and update our Apple Music libraries furiously. The latest episode finally revealed Trent Reznor’s role within the show – playing himself, as lead singer of “The” Nine Inch Nails. The song was pretty great, and their performance very Lynch-esque, so I thought I’d put it up for you all to enjoy. Check it out above!

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