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Ben Affleck will remain as The Batman

There’s been a lot of “he said, she said” type news when it comes to “The Batman”. Following Ben Affleck opting out of directing duties, and then a Nancy Drew-type investigation of who is the new director, then rumours about if Affleck was actually still playing Batman, it’s all been sorted. We hope.

Matt Reeves, actual director of “The Batman” has confirmed that Affleck will indeed star as the caped crusader in the next solo film. Now that Reeves has wrapped up “War of the Planet of the Apes”, he was able to confirm to Getty that Affleck will don the cape again and return to Gotham. Or wherever they need him, I guess. As it’s just beginning, Reeves hasn’t made a mention of any other details surrounding “The Batman”, but we will get some Bruce Wayne fix in “Justice League” at the end of the year.

That should be enough to tie us over for now, with “The Batman” likely to swoop into theatres in 2019. I for one am glad to see Affleck back on board, I don’t think I could emotionally handle having to connect to another batty actor.

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