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Hugh Jackman cast as Senator Gary Hart

Everyone’s favourite Australian (yes, I’m calling it), is entering politics, cast as Sen. Gary Hart in the Jason Reitman political drama “The Frontrunner”. The film chronicles the rise and fall of Hart as he competes in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988.

Colorado senator Hart was the frontrunner for the nomination, but his campaign was rocked by revelations of an extramarital affair with Donna Rice, resulting in Hart dropping out of the race. The screenplay was written by Reitman, and is based on the book by Matt Bai titled “All the Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid”.

Reitman has had dipped his toes in the political realm previously with his film “Thank You For Not Smoking”, and is currently in post-production for the Charlize Theron film “Tully”. Jackman will next be seen in the circus industry, starring as P.T. Barnum in “The Greatest Showman”.

Other roles for the film are still being cast, and filming is expected to begin in September.

THR first reported the news.

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