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Jeepers Creepers 3 photo emerges

“Jeepers Creepers 3” details have largely been a mystery for some time, despite some filming taking place earlier this year. Not only that, but it’s also been surrounded by troubles, including production being shut down in Louisiana due to script concerns, and not to mention the controversy surrounding past crimes by director Victor Salva, but I won’t comment on that one here.

Then it was called “Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral”, and now it’s apparently untitled. Bloody Disgusting has the synopsis of the film: “Jeepers Creepers 3” follows a group of hunters (led by Meg Foster), completely aware of the Creeper’s mythology, and looking to stop the creature before it ends its eatin’ spree.

The photo as seen below, shows Stan Shaw – who plays the sheriff currently hunting the creature.

As we’ve previously reported, the 3rd film in the franchise acts as a prequel and a sequel, in that if fits between the first and second movie. Which essentially makes it “Jeepers Creepers 1.5”. Does your brain hurt yet?

Salva has previously commented that the film will answer the big questions when it comes to The Creeper (played by Johnathon Breck), such as where it’s from and what it does. The Creeper’s truck will also be back. The original film starred Justin Long and Gina Phillips as brother and sister, and while Long’s character was left eye-less at the end of the flick, Phillips is expected to return to the 3rd film in some capacity.

Not surprisingly, release date is being kept under wraps for now.

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