Herbie is returning to TV

The anthromorphic Volkswagen Beetle is coming back to TV, with Disney bringing back “Herbie”.

The little bug has certainly had his fair share of screen time, first appearing in 1968’s “The Love Bug” and subsequently been in a bunch of other films, and the star of a 1982 TV series. TVLine is reporting that the potential series will likely be written by Travis Braun, who will also executive produce alongside Tom Burkhard and Matt Dearbon.

The potential storyline for the series would see a lead child with parents working on a secret government project, which is Herbie the talking car. A gang of criminals are after Herbie, and the lead kid has to find his/her missing parents with Herbie’s help.

“Herbie: Fully Loaded” was his last stint on the big screen, the 2005 movie starring Lindsay Lohan.

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