Exclusive : Deep Blue Sea 2 is happening after all!

Warner Premiere’s plans for a “Deep Blue Sea 2” may have went awry but Moviehole has learned that the a sequel is back on – but this time for the small screen.

Darin Scott (“House Party : Tonight’s the Night”) has been shooting the film in Cape Town, with newly announced “Aquaman” co-star (and “Third Watch” alum) Michael Beach among the cast.

The film is being produced as a telefilm for the SyFy channel, so don’t expect cameos from any of the original “Deep Blue Sea” players (namely Thomas Jane).

There’s been numerous attempts at getting a sequel to the 1999 film off the ground (most recently Jack Perez spoke about his experience scripting the film — no word if this is his same script being used), initially under the Warner Bros umbrella. But no surprise really to see SyFy has courted the franchise, especially with their “Sharknado” success. SyFy also nabbed Fox’s “Lake Placid” a few years ago, producing a direct to video sequel to it. So clearly studio monster movie franchises that are laying dormant are on their to-snare list.

The basic plot that we know so far is: Dr Klaus Van Etten is experimenting on bull sharks, much to the chagrin of Misty and her team of marine experts. The sharks get out, of course, and all hell breaks loose.

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