Netflix to develop a TV series based on The Umbrella Academy

For those who don’t know, “The Umbrella Academy” is a comic book series created and developed by Gabriel Ba and former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. It’s also my absolute favourite comic book, so this news was pretty exciting – Netflix is reportedly looking to develop a TV series based on the comic.

According to Splash Report, Netflix is purchasing the rights to a pilot written by Jeremy Slater (who spoke about his pilot to Collider last year), and that Way will also be involved in the project.

“The Umbrella Academy” follows a dysfunctional family of superheroes in a alternate world, primarily in 1977, where president John F. Kennedy was never assassinated. The team reunite after 9 years apart to save the world from a lethal threat. The Dark Horse comic was previously optioned for film by Universal Pictures, but the project never took off.

No comment by Netflix has been made as yet, but hopefully more info to follow.

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