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Shia LaBeouf adds another mug shot to his collection

Oh Shia. Just when we think you’re getting back on track, you head even further down. LaBeouf has again been arrested over the weekend, this time for public drunkeness and disorderly conduct.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t report on such trash, but I’ve been following LaBeouf’s career tumbles for some time now.

TMZ is reporting that LaBeouf got taken in the paddy wagon at 4am in Georgia, after he attempted to bum a cigarette from someone and it someone ended in a public altercation. Check out his new mugshot below.

LaBeouf more recently had a meltdown over French fries, and has in the past gotten in trouble for public drunkeness and drunk driving. This is in fact his 6th arrest, and he’s only 31. Perhaps lay off the booze, LaBeouf and focus on hmm I don’t know..your career? Just an idea.

And because I can’t take this trainwreck seriously anymore, here’s some more mugshots for your viewing pleasure. To be fair, most of his red carpet photos could be mugshots too, so just google it if these aren’t enough for you.

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