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Sharknado marketing in full force, plus a first look at movie stills

“Shark Week” step aside, SyFy has decided to directly compete with it with their “Sharknado” week, coming to a TV screen near you. It’ll be 6 days worth of Shark-based programs, finishing with the premiere of “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming”.

Don’t despair if you think you have to choose between Discovery Channel and Syfy, though, as “Sharknado” week begins July 30, which is just after everyone’s favourite “Shark Week”. Keep an eye out next week for my article on the best Shark movies to watch, in the lead up to the onslaught of Sharky goodness.

On SyFy you’ll get to watch “5-Headed Shark Attack” (exactly what it sounds like), “Mississippi River Sharks” (sharks attacking a fish rodeo), “Trailer Park Shark” (hungry sharks meet trailer park), “Toxic Shark” (land and water shark attacks locals with acid), “Empire of the Sharks” (a world ruled by hyper-intelligent sharks) and the climax being “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming” on August 6.

There’s also some new images from “Sharknado 5” to look at, with some of the cameos revealed. Still waiting to see Fabio as the Pope – if anyone wants to pass that onto me for an exclusive reveal, I would LOVE you forever.

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