Stranger Things 2 premiere date confirmed – Moviehole

Stranger Things 2 premiere date confirmed

Netflix have confirmed the release date for the second series of the popular show “Stranger Things”, also revealing a new poster.

The show will premiere just in time for Halloween on October 27, with a teaser stating that 1984 is about to get even stranger. The short teaser tells us practically nothing about what’s to come in the second season. We do know that it’s set a year after the happenings in season 1, with Will back within his friendship circle, and the group dressing up as Ghostbusters for Halloween.

There’s also been more horror promised for the second go, with more characters to get to know – including Sean Astin as Bob, who is dating Joyce, Darce Montgomery and Sadie Sink playing Billy and Max respectively, to join the other kids at school.

Check out the poster for “Stranger Things 2” below.

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