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First glimpse at the Wasp costume

Ahead of the D23 exhibit this coming weekend, concept artist Andy Park has given a glimpse into the Wasp costume for “Ant Man and the Wasp”, follow up to 2015’s “Ant Man”.

We were introduced to the character of Wasp at the end of “Ant Man”, played by Evangeline Lilly, however the new costume is slightly different to that which we saw in “Ant Man”.

Speculation is that we could be looking at Hope Van Dyne’s mother Janet, who is rumoured to be played by Sharon Stone. MovieWeb noted that “this has never bee confirmed” – and I can’t work out if that’s a typo or a very well done pun. If it’s the latter, well played MovieWeb, well played.

No doubt with both D23 and Comic-Con imminent, we will receive more details about the upcoming “Ant Man and the Wasp”, which is due for a July 2018 release.

In further “Ant Man” news, ThatHashtagShow are reporting that there may be an addition to the character list, with Bill Forster potentially getting a look in. The studio is reportedly looking to cast “a highly intelligent African American male between 55-65”, which would match the description for Dr Bill Foster, who is a brilliant biochemist, who also becomes a superhero known as Black Goliath.

Again, with the D23 and Comic-Con conventions upcoming, no doubt there’ll be a whole lot of Marvel news to report on.

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