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New It concept art revealed

I promise there’s no clowns in this story. Just a better look at the Losers’ Club from the upcoming “It”, which as we know is based on the Stephen King novel. EW have released some new images, and new plot details about the horror, which provide more of an insight into the terror we can expect.

If you’ve read the King novel, you’ll know that in the book, Georgie is murdered after he chases his paper boat down a storm drain and Pennywise the Clown attacks. He is then found with his arm missing. However in the Andres Muschietti film, Georgie not found at all. Hence, his brother Bill leads the Losers’ Club on a mission of revenge, but also to find his little brother. Of course this leads them down into Pennywise’s territory, and the sewers we’re seeing from the images released for the film.

As the Losers’ Club descend through the sewers they come across remannts of other children lost, and the final confrontation comes in the lair where Pennywise lives. It’s there that Bill may regret having searched.

“It” is released September 7th. See the latest images below.

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