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Disney to send cars/planes into space in 2019

News out of D23 today is that Disney are set to release an animated film in 2019 in the realm of “Cars” and “Planes” – but set in space. Too bad, “Fast and the Furious“, Pixar got in first.

Director John Lasseter announced the project and presented a brief teaser clip of the upcoming project. Although we can’t yet see the teaser ourselves, apart from the lucky duckies that were in attendance, it’s been described as an old plane and two jets flying into space, before the trademark “Cars” eyes are uncovered. The film is yet untitled, but has been given a release date of April 12, 2019.

While the “Cars” franchise isn’t the most popular of the Pixar films, it’s a merchandise goldmine and certainly makes its worth in toys and promotional material. Hopefully the old adage of sending cars to space doesn’t indicate jumping the shark.

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