Trailer : Bright

Check out the first trailer for “Bright”, the Netflix Original Film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton (like you’ve never seen him before).

The film also stars Lucy Fry, Andrea Navedo, Brad William Henke, Alex Meraz and Ike Barinholtz. It’s a mix of action, sci-fi and of course humour – which manifests wherever Smith is.

Smith plays a human police officer named Scott Ward and Edgerton the first Orc Cop, Nick Jakoby. Together, the two go on a wild ride to retrieve a mysterious ancient relic which apparently is wanted by almost everyone. The fate of the world that they are currently residing – where both people and mythical creatures (orcs, elves, and trolls) co-exist with each other, all depends on whether they would be able to successfully finish their mission or not.

Coming to Netflix December 22th. Check out the trailer above.

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