Comic-Con : new It details revealed

With the San Diego Comic-Con in full swing, audiences have been treated to some new footage and a poster for the upcoming horror “It”. They were shown 3 reels of footage from the movie, including 2 scenes and a brand new trailer. Unfortunately none of it has hit the web as yet, but thanks to EW we have received a recap of what went down – and how each teaser was more disturbing and terrifying than the last.

The first scene introduces the group of outcasts known as the “Losers’ Club”, and the clip showed the moment they start forging their friendship. The group go cliff diving and discuss the murders and missing kids. One of the group, Ben Denbrough had lost his brother Georgie to the storm drain and Pennywise the autumn before.

The second scene sees one of the boys getting bullied, who spots Pennywise nearby waving a hand – that’s A hand not HIS hand – before the rest of the Losers’ Club show up to defend him, and introduce him to the Club. “This is a meaningful moment in the book and the miniseries where the Losers discover the power of being together — the power that comes from being together,” Muschietti told the audience.

Finally, a new trailer was debuted, which will be released in a week’s time. The focus of this trailer was the villain, the infamous Pennywise the Clown, the “It” that is terrorising the town of Derry. EW have the full description of the trailer (which I’ve copied below), so read if you will, or wait until the terror is revealed next week. One thing I’ll note is that it does sound horrifically terrifying.

A new poster was also debuted (see below) which was on hand to be signed by the Losers’ Club at Comic-Con.


Trailer description:

“The trailer begins with an aerial shot of tiny, perfect Derry: beautiful old buildings, a main street, tree-lined roads, and nice, quiet homes. A boy’s voice is heard. (It’s difficult to tell who, but I think it’s Ben Hanscom.) ‘When you’re a kid, you think the universe revolves around you. That you’ll always be protected and cared for. Then, one day, you realize that’s not true,’ the boy says. There’s footage of Ben being held down by the bullies near a bridge. They’ve got his shirt pulled up, and Henry Bowers is carving his initials on the heavy kid’s stomach. A car rolls by and slows down. Inside is an older couple, both of them looking at this outrageous violence. Then they roll away. As the car grows smaller, Ben sees a single red balloon rise from the back seat. Then we see Georgie Denbrough, Bill’s little brother, in his yellow slicker, sailing a paper boat down a rain-swollen gutter. It vanishes into the mouth of a storm drain. ”Cause when you’re alone as a kid, monsters see you as weaker,’ the boy’s narration continues. ‘You don’t even know they’re getting closer. Until it’s too late.’ In the blackness of the drain, two eyes glimmer. Then a face emerges. Pennywise the Dancing Clown. He’s holding the boat. ‘Here…’ It whispers. ‘Take it …’ Then we see the street again. The storm drain. But no boat. No clown. And no Georgie. ‘All the bad things that happen in this town are because of one thing. An evil thing,’ Mike Hanlon says. The Losers are flipping through ancient history, looking at woodcut drawings from centuries past, depicting clashes and conflagrations from Derry’s history. Throughout them, there is a familiar face in the crowd: the same one we just saw in the storm drain. In the dim light of Bill Denbrough’s house, he follows a pair of small muddy footprints through the kitchen, where a tiny figure in a yellow slicker darts by. He follows the specter of his brother into the basement, where Georgie, or whatever is pretending to be Georgie, is hiding beside a shelf. There’s rainwater covering the floor. The basement is flooded. A pair of amber eyes rise out of the black surface. ‘If you come with me, you’ll float, too,’ Georgie’s ghost says cheerfully. Somehow, Bill lives to tell his friends about the encounter: ‘I just saw something….’ ‘The Clown,’ one of his friends asks. ‘I saw him too,’ chimes in Eddie, the weakest of the bunch, the most timid. Then we see a fogged over blue window. Two orange glowing eyes stare from the face of the blurry clown. Deadlights. ‘What happens when another Georgie goes missing?’ Bill asks his friends. ‘Are we just going to pretend it didn’t happen, like everyone else in this town? Or will we stick together.’ On the soundtrack there is the hellish, throbbing chant of a thousand Georgies, shrieking ‘You’ll float, too… You’ll float, too… You’ll float, too…’ Then silence. Richie Tozier enters a shadowy room. It’s full of clown dolls. All different types. Large and small. One of them turns its face toward him as he passes. Then another. At the center of the room stands an especially menacing one. Pennywise lifts his face, revealing needle sharp teeth, and lunges forward screaming in a way that suggests part rage, and part glee. Then, it’s over.”

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