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Does Affleck have a future in the bat suit?

“The Batman” has been plagued with all sorts of problems, mostly around Ben Affleck’s involvement. Once the director,  but replaced with Reeves, and his involvement confirmed, but his script in the bin – I don’t think anyone really knows where anything with this film stands at this point.

THR is now reporting that Warner Bros. is planning on phasing Affleck out of the Batman role. While nothing has been confirmed, sources say that Affleck in the Batman suit is a ticking time bomb. Reeves is said to have a planned trilogy in his head for “Batman”, and Affleck will be pushing 50 by the time “The Batman” gets released, and in his mid-50s once the trilogy is done.

Given that Affleck recently bowed out of “Triple Frontier” to focus on his family and his health, it would suggest that perhaps he just doesn’t have another decade of Batman in him.

Affleck will be making an appearance at Comic-Con for “Justice League” duties, but whether or not his involvement in future Batmen films will be confirmed is unclear.

Nananananananana nananananananana CAT MAN.

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