Comic Con : Watch the Twin Peaks Panel!

“Twin Peaks” Cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Tim Roth, Dana Ashbrook, Kimmy Robertson, Everett McGill, Matthew Lillard, James Marshall, Don Murray, and Naomi Watts were joined by moderator Damon Lindelof for today’s panel at Comic Con (Co-creator David Lynch also appeared, but via video, in the form of a terrific short film).

Not surprisingly, since Lynch and Frost have kept a tighter lid on it than one would a hungry, agitated Gary Busey, the cast of “Twin Peaks” didn’t divulge anything about upcoming episodes (though it was hinted that Tim Roth and Dana Ashbrook share a scene soon) of the Showtime drama but nonetheless proved to be an insightful and entertaining bunch in their half-an-hour on stage.

Here’s some video of the panel, and the Q&A that followed the customary host-led pop quiz stuff. Thanks to ‘We Live Entertainment’ for the quick upload!

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