Comic-Con : Watch a new trailer for The Gifted

Fresh from its bow at SDCC, a new trailer for Fox’s “X-Men” spin-off “The Gifted” has been released.

In addition, the house of Murdoch have released details on a new “Screening Station” they’ve set up at the Hilton next door to the con :

Do you have the X-Gene? Find out by stepping into FOX’s X-Gene Screening Station at the Hilton Bayfront Lawn. Suspects, er, subjects, will be laser scanned and get a cheek swab genetic test to determine if they have the Mutant Gene and will later learn about their personal genetic profiles. Additionally, be on the lookout for Sentinel Services agents throughout downtown San Diego, searching for mutants! Follow @TheGiftedonFOX to find out when THE GIFTED cast will make an appearance at the experience. Use #TheGifted to join the conversation.

“The Gifted” premieres in October.

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